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Baby Visual Stimulation Cards

Música y vídeo Educativos
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Baby visual stimulation cards improve babies' focus and concentration.Need something to quickly soothe your infant? These visual stimulation cards are sure to engage your baby while the calm music helps baby relax.
Two modes: a play mode for parent-child interaction and a slideshow mode for independent play.
Categories include: - Black and white - These high-contrast images are best for newborns. - Black, white and red - As your baby gets older and her eyesight gets better, she can now see the color red. - Primary colors - Blue, red and yellow images. - Rainbow colors - More colors, more fun! All the colors of the rainbow. - Animals - Stimulate your baby's imagination with animals. - Babies - Babies love looking at photos of babies! This category engages even the oldest toddler.
Recommended ages: birth to 2 years old.Newborn, infant, baby, toddler.
Use everyday for best results.